Joanna Trewern, Head of Consumption. WWF-UK

Dr Joanna

Joanna Trewern is an expert in healthy, sustainable diets and sustainable food systems. Most recently, she was Head of Consumption at WWF-UK, where she led the organisation's work on healthy, sustainable diets. Her experience spans corporate sustainability, policy and advocacy, research, and communications. Through her work Joanna has engaged with and influenced diverse stakeholders - from UN agencies and multinational food companies to academics, policymakers, and the general public - and is passionate about finding solutions to real-world challenges. As well as influencing national policy and engaging with a range of food businesses to guide their corporate sustainability strategies, Joanna has shaped multilateral policymaking processes through invited leadership roles at the UN Food Systems Summit (2020-21) and the FAO World Food Forum Young Scientists Group (2022-23). She also has experience of working across different continents to implement impactful and inclusive conservation, education and nutrition security programs that build the skills and agency of local communities. Joanna has a PhD in Sustainability (University of Surrey) and an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management (University of Oxford). Her PhD research explored how food retailers can enable the adoption of more sustainable consumer diets in the UK, using the lens of 'less and better' meat and dairy. Her research involved working with retailers in the UK to trial behavioural interventions for sustainable diets from store to household and has been published in top-tier journals.


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